Valley View will NOT be aerifying greens this fall so the greens will be in great shape until the end of the season. Make your tee time TODAY! 309-937-393
Per current state requirements, please wear a mask when entering/exiting the building and when engaging with staff. We would also ask you be kind to our staff and follow the rule.


Public and Guest Greens Fees



There are four types of Valley View memberships:

FULL MEMBERSHIP:   $750 payable at time of joining

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP:   $175 per year for 5 consecutive years - $875 total or $87.50 per year for 10 consecutive years - $875 total

JUNIOR 28 & Under:   Anyone single or married 28 years of age or under at time of joining, $40 per year. Upon reaching the age of 29, the member then pays $175 per year as an Associate Member until a total of $875 is paid. (Age is determined as of Jan. 1 of the year joining or renewing with the exception of the High School Membership)

MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT:   Any Middle School or High School student in good standing in their local school may obtain a special one-year membership for $130.  You are not eligible for this membership in your graduation year.


2020 Annual Dues and Fees                    


Golfing Dues  (Golf, Fishing, Pool and Clubhouse Privileges)

Family 41-65
Senior Family 66-over
Family 36-40
Family 35-under
Single 41-65
Senior Single 66-over
Single 36-40
Single 29-35
Single Junior 28-under


NEW! ACH PAYMENT OPTION in 2020 for all membership types.

Click Here for ACH Monthly Breakdown of Dues

Click Here for ACH Authorization Application Form


Click Here for 2020 Yearbook


Golf Cart Shed/Trail Fee $320

Annual Cart Lease Progam

(see yearbook for rules & details)


$450 One Seat

$700 Two Seat-Family


Camping Dues 

(Camping, Golf, Fishing, Pool and Clubhouse Privileges)


Family 65-under
Senior Family 66-over    
Single 65-under
Senior Single 66-over
Camper Overwinter Storage Fee



Golf Cart Shed/Trail Fee


Yearly Driving Range Pass

Family $75
Single $50
Middle/High School Student $30
USGA Handicap  $25
League Dues Men $45 (includes USGA Handicap)
League Dues Women $40 (includes USGA Handicap)

Non-Golfing/Social Dues

(Pool and Clubhouse Privileges Only)

Family 65-under


Family 66-over


Single 65-under


Single 66-over



Non-Golfing/Pool Only                                             

(Pool Privileges Only)







Youth 18-under      $130



  • Anyone who is married must have a Family Membership. Singles who have children under the age of 23 as of January 1 must also sign up under a Family Membership.

  • Anyone not married must have his/her own membership.

  • NON-GOLFING MEMBERS have no member golfing privileges; they may pay greens fees and play as a guest or as a public play golfer.

  • Swim Pass holders may use the pool 7 days a week from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m.

  • Any single person under the age of 23 on January 1 is entitled to full membership under his/her parents' membership regardless of residence.  On the date of marriage, he/she MUST have his/her own membership.

  • Only those holding fully paid memberships are entitled to vote or hold office.

  • A member’s classification is determined by His/Her age on January 1 with the exception of High School Memberships.  Family memberships are determined by the oldest spouse on January 1.