Fall/Winter: The lounge will be open only if the weather is good. Please call 309-937-3938 first before heading out. The course is always open to members.




2017 Member Reactivation

2017 New Mem­ber Special

2017 Cart Lease Program

One-Time Membership Fees

There are four types of Valley View memberships:


Full Membership:   $750 payable at time of joining


Associate Membership:   $175 per year for 5 consecutive years - $875 total


Junior 28 & Under:   Anyone single or married, 28 years of age or under at time of joining, $40 per year. Upon reaching the age of 29, the member then pays $175 per year as an Associate Member until a total of $875 is paid. (Age is determined as of Jan. 1 of the year joining or renewing.)


Junior 19 & Under:   A freshman, sophomore or junior student who was a member in good standing of a local high school may obtain a special one-year membership for $130.


Golfing Dues



Family (66 or over)




Single (66 or over)


Junior (28 or younger)


Non-Golfing Dues



Family (66 or over)




Single (66 or over)


Junior (28 or younger)



NEW Member and Inactive Incentive Rates for 2017

Golfing Dues*



Family (66 or over)


Single (29-65)


Single (66 or over)


Junior (20-28)


Junior (19 & Under)


Non-Golfing Dues

Swimming Family


Swimming Single




*These are multi-year plans.


  • Member must either register your guest(s) personally or call the Clubhouse to let them know that you have a guest coming.  You are responsible for the guests’ green fees, etc.

  • NON-GOLFING MEMBERS HAVE NO MEMBER GOLFING PRIVILEGES; they may pay greens fees and play as a guest or as a public play golfer.

  • Any single person under the age of 23 on January 1 is entitled to full membership under his/her parents' membership, regardless of residence.  On the date of marriage, he/she MUST have his/her own membership.

  • Only those holding full memberships are entitled to vote or hold office.

  • A member’s classification is determined by His/Her age on January 1.


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